G-Rib Metal Roofing

The G-Rib metal roofing panel is the industry-leading metal roofing and siding profile. Although it is more commonly known as the “ag panel,” it is used for residential and commercial projects as well. This style of metal roofing panel is both economical and highly versatile, making it a practical choice for almost any project. 

G-Rib Color Options

All of the G-Rib metal roofing panels that Keystate Metals offer are given their color using the CERAM-A-STAR 1050 SMP (silocone-modified polyester) coil coating system that has been designed specifically for metal roofing and siding. This paint comes with a long-standing, 40 year warranty, keeping your roof looking great for years to come!

G-Rib Metal Roofing Features

    • 28 guage steel
    • 36″ coverage
    • 9″ rib spacing
    • 3/4″ rib height
    • Cut to the 1/4″ inch length

Keystate Metals Offers their G-Rib panels in 20 flat colors & 6 frost-textured colors

Keystate Metals G-Rib panels come with an industry standard CERAM-A-STAR 1050 40-year paint warranty

Although G-Rib panels are most commonly used for roofing, they can also be great for siding. Check out our Pole Buildings page for more details.

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