Why Should I Choose A Metal Roof?

According to a 2020 homeadvisor report, compared to asphalt, metal roofs are more:

Additionally, metal roofs come with a higher resale value!

Keystate Metals, LLC offers quick turnaround for your custom metal roofing needs around Somerset PA. We offer several styles of panels for your metal roofing project. 

Metal Roofing Panels in Somerset

The G-Rib (or “Ag Panel”) style of metal roofing panel is both economical and highly versatile, making it a practical choice for almost any project. 

This also has made the G-Rib panel the most popular style of panel that Keystate Metals offers. Consequently, these types of panels can normally be formed and shipped for next day delivery.  


“Purlin Bearing Rib” panels offer tighter weatherproofing and greater strength to meet your needs.

Standing Seam panels offer a sleek modern feel while also providing the highest quality and durabilty available.

With our own portable standing seam rollformer, your next roof could be rolled on-site to the exact length you need.

If you are unsure about the aesthetic of a metal roof that consists of panels, this option is for you!

Our Decra Metal Shingles emulate the style of typical asphalt shingles while offering superior safety and durability for a lifetime. 

With our in-house trim rollformers, we can quickly customize trim to fit any project. Often, this trim can be formed, packed, and delivered within 24 hours.

Want to learn more about our metal roofing and siding options?