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History and Future of Keystate Metals

Keystate Metals LLC was launched in 2013 along Route 31 in the semi-rural area of Somerset PA by founder Delbert Diller.

Having several close contacts in the metal fabricating industry, Delbert decided to pursue his interest in entrepreneurship through this manufacturing facility for metal building products.

Since its beginning, Keystate Metals has focused on excellent manufacturing, delivering industry-driving lead times, and superb customer service. Consequently, Delbert and his team have built the enterprise into a successful venture in less than a decade.

However, in 2020 Delbert, his wife Mary, and their children moved to Kansas, selling the business to Sam and Kathryn Fisher and family.

The first year of the COVID-19 pandemic was very uncertain for many. But Keystate Metals was able to continue to expand. Sam was able to employ six more team members in 2020, so six more local families have had stable income through these difficult times.

As a result of this, Keystate Metals has been able to maintain stability for its customers. With the additional staff, material deliveries have remained on-time and custom metal roofing projects have been completed quickly.

Keystate Metals is committed to providing exceptional service and excellent products to all customers. 



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